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Grandpa's 8th Grade Graduation

From the Buffalo Bulletin, May 19, 1921, page 4:

Commencement at District 2
Program of Highly Flavored Variety
Rendered Thursday Night

District N. 2 schools graduates this year an Eighth Grade class of twenty-eight, with two honor pupils - Emily Griggs first, and Louise Mueller second.

Thursday night was held the annual commencement exercises, in the assembly hall, where there was staged a program of highly flavored variety and most pleasing effect. Of course the hall was decorated for the occasion and a special significance and winsomeness, including the program, was cleverly woven into the evening's enjoyment.

For this hour's find achievement, and, of course again, for the finer achievement behind this and building up to this, due credit and thanks are fittingly measured to the good principal W. A. Joseph, and to the corps of teachers covering these 7th and 8th grades and through them this Graduating Class - Miss Mista McNaughton, Miss Mary Cash, Miss Johanna Duthie, Miss Ruby Leighton and Mr. T. Floyd Gibson.

The class were indeed a fine looking bunch of young people - twenty-eight - and by this goodly number to increase the number at J. C. High next year, we hope with missing one! Mr. Hawkes complimented them especially on presenting the diplomas and the County Superintendent, Mrs. Margaret Simth, added her earnest words of praise, when she gave diplomas to the pupils from the country districts.

The class songs were very good, the music was good, and the speeches, recitations, all were fine; but doubtless everybody enjoyed the plays most of all. They were indeed good. There were two of them - "Teacher, Kin I Go Home" and "Dr. Cure All." In the latter play little Mr. John Hawkes played the doctor, and while he had some trouble with the whimsical ailments of his patients, the only way he could satisfy the Blooming Widow who wanted a husband was to give her himself! Jane Curry, probably, was the most pleasing, who as a bashful girl, was verily a chatterbox. Esther Stanley and Edith Rore - oh, all of them did very well indeed.

Ernest Crouter was the Teacher in the other play, and Marse Grace as the janitor did a real good take off; but Teddy Cochran and Harriet Gatchell were the real thing! Harriet as "Betty Brown," a homely pupil, was a scream. Both plays were not just comedies, they were real really funny, with ridiculous situations and all of the makeup of fun making. Plays that afforded the very kind of frolic the kins would want to frolic with and then go home, as at this time, closing the school year.

Finally her are Graduating Class roll: Sidney T. Cochran, Harriet Gatchel, Emily Griggs, Ernest Crouter, Paul Fischer, Elsie Garson, Edith Hibbard, Marguerite Middaugh, Susie Randall, Margaret Holloway, Edith Heckathorn, Louise Mueller, Alphonsus Sherwood, Edna Walsh, Edward Parmelee, Leo Tharrington, Bertram Masters, Elmer Hall, Charles Patch, Marjorie Burritt, Myrtle Mooney, John Hawkes, Sam Voiles, Jane Carry, Marse Grace, Esther Stanley, Edith Rose, Clarence Westman.

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