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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lowell Rogers Bicycle Accident, 1928

Lowell Rogers was the husband of my aunt, Myrtle Isaacson. This happened in Ellensburg,Washington in 1928, and was on the front page of the Ellensburg Daily Record on September 1st.

Family Reunion in Ellensburg, 1979

As reported in the Ellensburg Daily Record, August 22, 1979...

Card of Thanks - July 6, 1960

From the Ellensburg Daily Record, page 4, July 6, 1960

Card of Thanks

We wish to acknowledge with deep appreciation all those who donated blood, brought gifts of food and sent cards, memorials and flowers during the recent illness and bereavement of Myrtle Rogers.
Lowell Rogers and Family
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Foster
Mrs. Minnie Isaacson
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Rutter
Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Renfrow
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Molotte
Mr. and Mrs. Al Perrault
Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Isaacson
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Isaacson
Mr. and Mrs. Orville Rogers

Monday, April 27, 2009

Standard Atlas of McLean County, North Dakota, 1914 has a nice collection of land ownership atlases. None (yet) from Wyoming, but I still have lots of newspapers to rummage through there, so can hardly complain. Anyhow, while Mom's family was pioneering Wyoming, Dad's family was pioneering McLean County, North Dakota.

The cover of the atlas is here:

From page 95:
Renfrow, Joseph, Farmer, S. 24, T. 147, R. 81, P. O. Turtle Lake. Mr. Renfrow was born in Missouri in 1858 and settled in McLean County in 1902. He is married to Laura A. Crawford; they are the parents of eight children.

From page 96:
Rutter, Edward, Farmer, S. 13, T. 149, R. 80, P. O. Ruso. Mr. Rutter was born in England in 1864 and settled in McLean County in 1911. He is married to Matilda Severson; they are the parents of two children.

The attached map segment is from page 34 of the atlas. My brain is hiccuping (today, anyhow) on what the Township/Range would be for the next block to the east. Maybe tomorrow! This is on the eastern edge of Township 146, Range 81...

Friday, April 24, 2009

Christmas 1925, Pumpkin Center

Buffalo News, 14 January 1926, page 8

Pumpkin Center

The Lee Wells and the Mooney families spent Christmas at the George Babion home. In the evening neighbors dropped in with boxes and baskets full of good things to eat, the dining room was cleared and dancing kept up til morning.

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Cutting Railroad Ties Above Buffalo

I cannot find my grandfather, Otha Marse (Sam) Grace in the 1930 census, which was taken not long before he married my grandmother, Edna Pearl Merrill, in Buffalo, Wyoming. So I asked Grandma where he might have been, and she said he had spent some time in the Big Horn Mountains, cutting railroad ties. Sounds like a place he might easily have been overlooked, when the census taker came through.

So anyhow, I found this little story (not about him) added a teensy bit of background to how cutting ties would work. Teensy!!!

Buffalo News, 14 January 1926, page 1

O. L. Bartholomew Returns to Buffalo

O. L. Bartholomew, who proved to the world that ties cut in the Big Horn Mountains above Buffalo could be floated down Clear Creek successfully, returned to Buffalo Saturday evening after an extended business trip in the east. He is here on tie business. Mr. Bartholomew expresses himself in a very optimistic manner over the prospects of the North and South Railroad.

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Halloween Party, 1925

Buffalo News, 19 November 1925, page 4

Pumpkin Center Notes
November 10th

Mr. and Mrs. George Babion gave a real Halloween dance at their home on Powder River last Saturday night. Pumpkins with faces and candles inside hung from the ceiling for lights. Lunch was passed around at midnight. Mr. Lawrence Burger and Mr. Ales furnished the music. All had a good time.